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About Employment Transition Solutions


Employment Transition Solutions, LLC was founded by Cindy Bene', SHRM-SCP. With nearly two decades of dedicated experience in human resources and talent acquisition management, Cindy's focus lies primarily in providing exemplary human resources consulting services and inspirational presentations to organizations seeking strategic guidance and support.

Cindy is deeply involved in the Central Oregon HR community serving as President of the region's largest human resources association, Central OR SHRM, and holding a key leadership role within the Central Oregon Employer's Council. Her contributions have earned recognition through various awards, underscoring her strategic acumen, adaptability, and prowess in organizational leadership.

A collaborative leader by nature, Cindy excels in building cross-functional partnerships and leveraging data-driven insights to drive organizational success. Her expertise in policy formulation, coupled with a keen focus on team development and employee well-being, enables her to create high-performing, inclusive work environments where individuals can thrive, and organizations can flourish.

Cindy is a forward-thinking HR Consultant, adept at navigating complex challenges and driving innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of today's businesses. With a steadfast commitment to integrity and a passion for driving positive change, she stands ready to partner with organizations seeking to optimize their HR practices and unlock their full potential.

Furthermore, through our mission, vision and values, we are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and organizations, fostering growth, well-being and success.




Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to unlock their full potential through expert HR Consulting and Inspirational Speaker services. We are committed to guiding individuals towards success while helping organizations build sustainable and thriving workplaces.

Our vision is to be a catalyst for positive change in the professional landscape. We aspire to create a future where individuals are equipped with the skills, confidence, and strategies to navigate their career journeys successfully, and where organizations have the tools they need to foster a cohesive business and employee friendly enterprise.

Empowerment: We believe in empowering individuals to take control of their careers and organizations to create meaningful change.

Inclusivity: We are dedicated to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our services, recognizing that diverse perspectives drive innovation and growth.

Collaboration: We value collaboration with our clients, working together to develop tailored solutions that address unique challenges and goals.

Integrity: We operate with honesty, transparency, and ethical principles, ensuring the highest standards of professionalism and trustworthiness.

Continuous Learning: We are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends, best practices, and research to provide the most effective guidance and solutions.

Impact: We measure our success by the positive impact we have on an organizations' growth, performance, and culture.

Adaptability: We recognize that the business and career landscapes are constantly evolving, and we embrace flexibility and adaptability to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Client-Centered Approach: We place our clients' needs at the center of our services, providing personalized solutions that address their unique challenges and aspirations.

Respect: We treat every individual and organization with respect, valuing their experiences, perspectives, and contributions.

Sustainability: We aim to create sustainable change that has a lasting impact on both individuals' professional lives and organizations' overall success.

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