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Professional Career Coaching & HR Consulting Services

We specialize in career coaching and human resources consulting. With over 15 years' experience in human resources management and career development, we offer many solutions.


Our comprehensive services encompass both Career Coaching and HR Consulting, offering a holistic approach to personal and organizational growth. In the realm of Career Coaching, we guide individuals through a transformative journey of self-discovery, goal-setting, and skill enhancement. Our seasoned coaches empower clients to align their passions with actionable strategies, assisting in crafting resumes, honing interview skills, and navigating career transitions. On the organizational front, our HR Consulting services provide tailored solutions to optimize human capital management. From recruitment and talent acquisition best practices to performance evaluation and compliance, we offer strategic insights that foster a motivated workforce and promote operational excellence. Together, our services bridge the gap between personal aspirations and organizational success, ensuring a thriving ecosystem where both individuals and businesses flourish.


HR Solutions Hub
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HR Consulting Testimonial

"Cindy is amazing! We have nothing but good things to say. She revamped our job descriptions, guided us on career paths, and answered all of our I9 questions. The turnaround for our projects was very fast. We cannot wait to work with Cindy again!" - Emily S./ProShop ERP

Career Coaching Testimonial

"I am a very passionate and high energy leader who is committed to enabling organizations to thrive.


Cindy Bene' has been my biggest HR supporter in my career.  There has been an occasional unusual employee related situation that I had to reach out and ask for guidance.  Cindy not only told me the answer, but she told me why, which helps me understand.  

With my career change that I’ve made, Cindy was my coach.  Assisted me with my resume, asked me all the right questions to help me succeed. Cindy boosted my confidence which led me to landing the career opportunity that I love!" ~Wendy T.

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